Just another voice…, another instrument.

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An orchestra uses many instruments. Some are more noticed than others, but all are important. Each is carefully made for its purpose. The Bible says, “It is God himself who has made us what we are and given us new lives … Continued

If I were…would you pick me up?

The trees are already starting to change to their beautiful fall colors here in NW Iowa. I love to look at them and feel the gentle breeze that makes them seem to be dancing. When I go for walks in … Continued

Ahaz’s Choice: Learning to Trust #5

  Peace replaced inner turmoil after I turned my life over to Jesus Christ, trusting him. Have you experienced a change like this? If so, I’d love to read about it. (This is the fifth blog in a series about … Continued

Discussion Stirred Up By Devotional

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How exciting it was to receive tons of comments on my Upper Room Devotional yesterday. Here is the URL in case you missed it: http://devotional.upperroom.org/devotionals/2016-07-08. Most of these were very complimentary. One person asked many questions to clarify what I believed. … Continued

Is It Wise?

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I’ve been accused of being judgmental because of my belief that it is not wise to drink alcoholic beverages. Stating a belief is not the same as “being judgmental” is it? I guess it depends on how one says it. One … Continued

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